13 March 2018

The Star Ambassador of the BMX World Championships in Baku

In connection with the BMX World Championships that will be held on 5-9 June in Baku, the Star Ambassador, the Dutch BMX athlete Twan Van Gendt visited the capital city of Azerbaijan. The purpose of his visit is to test the newest track as well as taking part in the supporting campaign for the championships.

The Dutch cyclist who took the silver at the first European Games in 2015 considered Baku the city of a good luck for himself: “The silver that I won at the first European Games in Baku is priceless for me. The reason I could not take the gold was not my physical but my mental preparation. Later on, I could be the winner of both European and World Cups. I am looking to achieving the best result in the upcoming World Championships.”

According to the words of the Star Ambassador, the BMX track has been different since it been improved. After the upgrades, the track has been technically very challenging and interesting.

During his stay in Baku, Twan Van Gendt expressed his impressions of how he was charmed by the local cuisine and the beauty of the capital city: “Indeed, I Baku is very beautiful. The food is amazing. I will do my best to promote the world championships when I am back home. To my expectations, I think this will be very challenging for me. In just our national team there are pretty strong athletes.”

Visiting Baku with support of Azerbaijan Cycling Federation and Red Bull, Twan Van Gendt participated at several video shootings as well as running seminars for the young athletes.