Azerbaijani Talent Program

General overview

The national talent program, put forward by the Azerbaijan Cycling Federation (ACF) aims to support the talented cyclists of Azerbaijan. The target of the supporting programme for the young talented cyclists is to promote them as well as developing them for the European, World and Olympic Championships. In their return the cyclists must make all their efforts to achieve success in order to raise the country's cycling sport.

The programme has been running since 1st of April 2012.

In case of the below mentioned incidents the cyclist can be excluded from the programme's benefits: 

-  If cyclist violates the rules of the ACF, particularly when cyclist is convicted on illegal use of drugs or found guilty in ignoring his coach's advices and orders

 - It is mandatory for every cyclist to attend the allocated training hours under the control of his coach and to present all required document to the ACF if demanded. It is a must for every cyclist, who benefits from ACF's talent programme to go run his or her trainings through ACF's training programme.

-  A cyclist must present all of his medical documents to the ACF's appointed doctor

-  Reading the ACF's anti-doping declaration a cyclist must sign it after being a member

-  A cyclist must improve English language knowledge

-  All cyclists must be ready to answer the questions of the ACF's Press Service in case they are interviewed at any event. Those of being unable to do it should refer to or be accompanied by their coaches.

Besides the programme benefits include these:

 - Support to cyclists to improve their education and language knowledge, as well as providing them with cycling equipment, such as cycle trainers, rollers, etc, and helping them to obtain their driving license

- Receiving free medical and massage services before and after regular trainings and further assistance in individual training

Tasks: The "Programme of the talented Azerbaijani cyclists" is the project that has been designed and launched by the Cycling Federation of Azerbaijan. Despite what clubs those talented riders represent this programme is applied to them by the Federation. 

Goal: It is one of the main targets of this programme to help the athletes building their professional careers and create an opportunity for them to test themselves in Worlds and Olympic championships.
Qualification process: The Sports Director of the federation is who qualifies the athletes in October every year. The qualification process is based on the results of the riders and the proposals made by the national coaches of the Federation. The can be selected and remain as qualified from 1 to 4 years of Olympic period. The athlete can be qualified to benefit from this programme at any time in case of showing an exceptional talent.

Support: The athlete once qualified receives free medical and massage services before and after regular trainings. It also includes the support to athlete to receive and education, attend free language courses and get supplied with modern cycle equipment

Professional team: If the rider is a member of a UCI professional cycling team, his team and the federation agree on the way of payment. The team has to present the rider’s contract to get a financial support. In case, the yearly salary reaches to 36.000 € the national talent program will stop.
Cycle roads: Despite being in the initial period of its development Azerbaijan Cycling Federation looks forward to increasing the number of the cycling tracks and safe routes, as well as raising them up to the international standards.

U17: Top 20 ranking in international races

Juniors: Top 20 ranking in international races

U23 "Top 20 ranking in international races required to get minimum 10 UCI point"

Elite "Top 20 ranking in international races required to get minimum 50 UCI points"