Federation activity

As the result of the care and support in sports in our country over the last few years the Azeri athletes have so far increased the number of medals. Beyond doubt, there is a tremendous role of the Azerbaijan Cycling Federation, due to which the progress of Azerbaijan's cyclists have many times resounded in international races.

Understanding its commitments since its establishment the Federation has formed an up-to-date system to meet all requirements. Although the Federation is too young, but the achievements and the projects that have been put in practice still to give a better result.

Furthermore the Federation have commitments that aim to develop the cyclists for Olympic and World championships. It is due to President Ilham Aliyev's special attention to Azerbaijan's sports. These commitments also include supporting the cycling schools and clubs, as well as expanding them in provinces of Azerbaijan.

The schools and clubs which are based in Baku are Olympic Reserve Youth Cycling Sport Schools of the Republic, "Neftchi" Sport and Health Centre, 7th Olympic School, "Sumgayit" Cycling Sport Club and the "Sarhadchi" Sport Olympic Centre. Moreover, the cycling sport is developing in Ismayilli and Oguz regions of Azerbaijan. Being sure of their efficient training method the Federation always support them and help them realise many projects to get the best athletes involved in international races.

Lately cycling has turned into the most favourite sport among young generation. By considering it one of the most important targets the Federation has taken further steps on propagation of the cycling sport in the country.

The programme of the talented Azerbaijani cyclists is one of the successful projects that has been designed by the Cycling Federation of Azerbaijan. Another positive side of this project is benefits, due to which the cycling sport thrives faster and somehow a number of young people are inclined towards cycling sport and thus some of them even build their careers as professional cyclists. The programme, hereby aims to prepare tough athletes for European and World championships for which the cyclists always dream and struggle to be winner.