Republic Olympic Reserves School of Specialized Children-Youth Cycling Sport

There many sports clubs and schools to run for developing the cycling sport in the country. The clubs and schools have mostly focused on involving kids and youth in active sport, train them as professional cyclists, and in general to get them used to a healthy lifestyle. 
The Reserved Olympic and Specialised Youth Cycling Sport Club is one of the schools in Azerbaijan that has brought up a number of experienced cyclists, many of whom have had a tremendous role in the country's cycling sport. 
The school has been established in 1984 and since then has been running the training at the basis of the National Velodrome of Azerbaijan. The young cyclists dependent on their age and experience have their daily trainings in both open velodrome and less-congested traffic. The school consists of 6 rehearsal, 6 changing and 2 office rooms.
Success story of the school trainees

As mention to the success stories of the school trainees the year of 1997 comes as pretty attention-grabbing with Oleg Nojinin's two splendid medals in Italy. Thus Oleg updated the history of Azerbaijan's cycling by taking the silver medal for sprinting and the bronze for individual TT. In the same year the schools U17 trainees had taken the 3rd in an international race held in Turkey. Besides in 2001 Oleg Nojin clocked up one more successful race in track finishing 7th. Along with him Igor Demyashkin finished 9th in the track group race and 20th in the road race. 
Elnara Musayeva was one of the school trainees. In 2007 she has been 5th in the individual track B cat race held in Cape Town, South Africa. Also in the 86 km group road race Elnara has been 24th.
All boys and girls aged 14 are invited by the school management to attend the cycle training programmes.

The Reserved Olympic and Specialised Youth Cycling Sport School of the Republic
Address: 20 Yanvar dairesi, Moscow Avenue
The block 3007, Baku, Azerbaijan
Phone: ( +99412) 4047855
Principal of the school: Faik Gurbanov